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Next-5.com is a novel platform that allows companies and job/internship seekers to connect and engage without borders or time conflicts.
Leveraging on the pervasiveness of webcams, we give jobseekers the ultimate marketing tool.

Be heard, not read! Resumes just don't cut it anymore.

Employers, are you still going through hundreds of resumes? You are possibly missing out on talents!
Jobseekers, help make your hirer's job easier by getting to you faster. Stand out and show why you are the right hire!
Schools, make no mistake. Your students need to be groomed for the challenges ahead. Give them all they need and more!

Candidate Screening
Employee Assessment
Trial Assessments

Next-5.com, in conjunction with talent recruitment and management tools, allows a pre-recorded selection, introduction, and assessment of candidates – all conducted virtually thereby saving time for the recruiter and candidate…

Quantine News
Posted: July 2012

Students are invited to try out
Next-5.com be it for internships or your first job.

Sign up today and find out why thousands like you are making the switch away from paper resumes. Secure that job interview faster than ever before…

Quantine News
Posted: May 2012
Interviewing people is a pain, especially overseas folks, speaking from experience. It’s hard to get the right people; and over here at our team we bootstrap and use Skype as the main interviewing tool. It works out well for a startup. But not when you need to video interview tens or hundreds of people abroad…
Posted: Dec 2011
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